Family's gifts from father overseas stolen off front porch

Family's gifts from father overseas stolen off front porch

OREGON CITY, Ore. – Christopher Hinton is a paramedic who is supporting our military in Kuwait.

He hasn’t seen his four young children in almost a year, but he found a way to send his love this Christmas with some unique gifts from Europe.

Those gifts made it all the way to his family’s front porch in Oregon City, where someone stole them just days before Christmas.

“This is one more time I have to explain why bad people do bad things,” said Christopher’s ex-wife Bethany Hinton.

She said the pastor at the church across the street from their house found the empty box on the porch.

No other neighbors reported missing packages.

“He said he found wrapping paper all over the bushes, all over the ground, the boxes were torn apart,” Hinton said. “I was mad. These are my kids and those things were meant for my kids.”

Their 12-year-old daughter Keziah said she was disappointed, but reminded her family what really matters this time of year.

“I was thinking about it, and then, well if somebody came up to the porch and stole the gifts, then they or somebody else might need it a lot more than I do,” she said.

“I probably would have been mad for a lot longer if the things that happened this year hadn’t happened, but I get to celebrate Christmas with my kids,” said Hinton. "I'm proud of my kids."

The gifts may not have made it all the way from Europe, but their dad’s love did.

“He was on a trip and decided to get this stuff for us because he was thinking about us,” said Keziah.