Fined two years ago, hearing aid salesman faces more complaints

Fined two years ago, hearing aid salesman faces more complaints »Play Video
Sharon Wiley holds up a hearing aid that she and her husband, Fred, say doesn't work. The Wileys have filed a complaint against the hearing aid salesman, Roy Taber.

OREGON CITY, Ore. – A Hillsboro-based hearing aid salesman wanted in Washington for theft was fined and had his license suspended less than two years ago.
Roy Taber was fined $2,500 and had his license to sell hearing aids in Oregon suspended for six months for everything from unprofessional conduct to failure to safeguard client records.

One of Taber's current alleged victims, 85-year-old Norma Anderson of Bellevue, Wash. says the hearing aids she bought for almost $2,800 from Taber didn't work.
According to Bellevue police, an investigation determined the hearing aids Taber purported to be new were actually used. Additionally, Washington state health investigators discovered Taber was not licensed to dispense hearing aids in the state.

In Oregon the state's Health Licensing Agency is now looking into new complaints involving Taber, although it won't say how many there are or what they are about. But it may make a decision based on those complaints in about a week.

Fred and Sharon Wiley filed a complaint with Oregon City police Monday. They say Taber called them out of the blue in 2010 and somehow already knew Fred had been looking for a hearing aid.

They say Taber offered to visit them at home and showed up wearing a white lab coat. But the hearing aids they paid more than $2,000 for, like in Anderson's case, never worked right.

"And I bought batteries from him three different times for 20, 30 dollars just to get him to retune the hearing aids, and after three times they still were terrible," Fred said.

KATU News contacted Rexton, which is the hearing aid supplier Taber sells for, but it has yet to return messages.

Taber told KATU News Monday afternoon that he plans to plead not guilty to the charges in Washington but wouldn't talk about any of the other complaints.