Tossed cigarette blamed for brush fire

Tossed cigarette blamed for brush fire

PORTLAND, Ore. - Firefighters were busy overnight working a fire that burned through some dry brush and trees in Southeast Portland.

The fire, which investigators determined was caused by a discarded cigarette, broke out at Southeast 57th and Harney.

"I walked up the hill, alerted the neighbors that their forest was about to catch on fire," one man told us. "But they got here in good time and got it under control really quickly."

No one was hurt and no structures were burned.

Several other brush fires broke out across the area on Wednesday, including one at the Heron Lakes golf course in North Portland.

High winds blew over a tree, which took down a power line and started the fire. Firefighters were able to put it out quickly.

One More Day of Wind

The windy conditions we saw on Wednesday will continue on Thursday, which is a concern for firefighters. A red flag  warning, which means the potential for wildfires is high, remains in effect for the Willamette Valley but is expected to end by 6 p.m.

According to KATU Meteorologist Rhonda Shelby, the gusts will not be as high as they were on Wednesday. However, we may see a burst of high gusts (around 25 miles per hour) in the afternoon before it all tapers off.