Police: Fire at NE Portland restaurant was arson

Police: Fire at NE Portland restaurant was arson

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A fire at Mack & Dub's Excellent Chicken & Waffles was intentionally set early Wednesday morning, police said.

Police also said the Northeast Portland restaurant was burglarized before the fire started, and and officers found graffiti that they said could be part of a hate crime.

"Haters never deserve any type of props. So I don't really want to comment on that," said restaurant co-owner James "Mack" McClendon. "You know, it was something disrespectful."

The fire destroyed food, equipment and computer files.

"Mack and I have been doing music together for a long time. There's like nine years of music, videos, pictures of every event we did, baby pictures of my kids," said co-owner William "Dub" Travis, III.

Crews responded to the fire just before 6 a.m.

The restaurant is located in the 3600 block of NE Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

Portland Fire and Rescue said the fire burned through part of the roof. No one was hurt.

"It's just sad, you know. We've been working hard for a year and a half, hard, on making this a successful restaurant," McClendon said.

Police said they do not have any suspects. The owners said they weren't sure who would do something like that to their business.

"You never know these things," said Travis. "We've had some loud parties. A couple of the neighbors complained. You know, a couple of disgruntled employees."

Mack and Dub said they have insurance. Some of their employees heard about the fire and showed up Wednesday to see if they could help.

"I don't even know how to feel right now," Travis said.

Police ask anyone with information about the fire to call Arson Investigator Rick McGraw at 503-823-3797 or Detective Joe Luiz at 503-823-3408.