Firefighter takes shelter from flames, suffers burns

Firefighter takes shelter from flames, suffers burns
Image captured Aug. 13, 2012, by NASA shows smoke from western wildfires in Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and California

A firefighter on a massive range fire in southeastern Oregon suffered minor burns after she crawled inside her emergency fire shelter in an area overrun by swirling winds filled with fire.

Fire information officers say the woman was treated Sunday evening at a hospital in Winnemucca, Nev., for minor burns to a leg and forearm and minor smoke inhalation.

The rest of her 20-person federal crew made it to a safety zone.

The incident is under investigation, and the crew has been pulled off the fire.

The Holloway fire has burned 525 square miles in remote and rugged country straddling the Oregon-Nevada border.

On the Nevada side, five ranches were evacuated Sunday evening in the Kings River Valley about 10 miles southeast of Denio, Nev.

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