Flags stolen from WWII memorial near North Plains

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NORTH PLAINS, Ore. -- You've probably driven by it plenty of times between Portland and the Oregon coast.

A small weigh station along Highway 26 near North Plains with a grove of trees that looks out over nearby farmland and also has a small memorial.

The trees and a plaque honor a special group of soldiers from World War II.

The 10th Mountain Division was the only U.S. Army Division trained in mountain warfare and trained to fight on skis.

The 10th Mountain fought the German army in Italy.
“We left a thousand guys over there. So things were a little rough,” said 10th Mountain veteran Jim Bray.

10th Mountain veterans like Bray and their families take care of the memorial.
Bray was stunned Thursday when he and his wife drove by and saw something terribly wrong.

“We came by the weigh station,” said Bray. “And I noticed the flag pole was kind of wiggling. And I says - you know, I was concerned there. And Lorraine said 'where are the flags?'”

The memorial flagpole was bare. An American flag was stolen.

So was the distinctive flag of the 10th Mountain Division itself.

The flag is red, white and blue with two crossed red swords and the words “Climb To Glory” in yellow.

The Washington County sheriff's office want to help the people who care for this place of honor put both flags back where they belong.

Jim Bray knows what he'd say to whoever stole the flags.

“What they did was, took a part of America,” says Bray. “It's just taking a piece of what we've all worked for.”