'He began pulling up his pants and running away very quickly'

'He began pulling up his pants and running away very quickly'

LONGVIEW, Wash. - A man who was exposing himself took off running after a Longview woman pulled out a gun and pointed it at him.  

"He was probably four or five feet from us and had no problem doing what he was doing," the woman said. "I was concerned what he would do next if I didn't take action."

The woman, who did not want to be identified publically, said she was at Lake Sacajawea around 8 p.m. Wednesday when a man approached her aggressively while masturbating and suggested she should watch him.  

Instead the woman furnished her gun.  

"I had the gun in the pocket of my jacket. The magazine was in but it wasn't locked in place," she said. "So I locked in place and cocked it, pointed it at him and told him he had five minutes to get out of there or I was going to shoot him."

"He was frantic," she added. "He began pulling up his pants and running away very quickly."

She said she bought the small Ruger pistol about six months ago for personal safety. Wednesday was the first time she had ever carried it outside of her home.

Longview police detective Kyle Sahim says officers haven't found the man bbut are investigating several suspects.  

The man involved in the Lake Sacajawea incident was described as a white male in his early 20s with short dark-blond hair.

The victim called police later in the evening, saying she was looking at an online database of local sex offenders and believed she recognized the man she saw at the lake.

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