City: Worrisome hillside at food cart pod is 'mostly stable'

City: Worrisome hillside at food cart pod is 'mostly stable'
The Rose City Food Park in Northeast Portland. Photo by Shannon L. Cheesman, Producer/Reporter.

PORTLAND, Ore - The city says the property owner of a food cart pod who came under fire following some unpermitted excavation work is working with them to make sure the area is completely safe.

The food cart pod in question is Rose City Food Park at Northeast 52nd and Sandy Boulevard.

Directly behind the pod is a hillside where some excavation work was done earlier this year. The work was a surprise to the homeowners that live at the top of the hill and now they're worried there could be a landslide someday. And the fact that the property owner started digging without a permit hasn't made them feel any better about it.

"That's a dangerous slope there," neighbor Tom Foley told us. "If we get tons of rain, that's going to slough off."

The property owner is Tom Westerman with Westerman Developments LLC (based out of Sherwood). We talked to him earlier this week by phone and he assured us the hillside is safe and that he was working on finishing the paperwork to finalize his permit.

We followed up with the city to find out more on the situation. A supervising engineer with the Bureau of Development Services told us the hillside is "mostly stable" and that the property owner is working on fixing a few areas of exposed dirt.

If you have concerns about erosion where you live, or believe there is a code violation, you can contact the Bureau of Development Services at (503) 823-0900.