Forest Grove man drowns while scuba diving in Clear Lake

EUGENE, Ore. -- Deputies are trying to figure out how a Forest Grove man drowned while scuba diving in Clear Lake in Eugene.

The Linn County Sheriff’s office says James Ward’s scuba tank still contained about 2,000 pounds of air. So far, they haven’t found any malfunction in his diving equipment.

The 49-year-old man drowned Sunday afternoon. He was diving with two other people: a friend and that friend’s son. Deputies say Ward signaled that he was going to surface and didn’t seem to be in any trouble.

His two friends came up 20 minutes later. They couldn’t find Ward so they went for help. Sweet Home Fire dive personnel found Ward’s body 40-feet underwater about 100-yards north of the Clear Lake Lodge. The water was 39 degrees. Ward is described as an experienced diver.