Former New Seasons CEO launching healthy convenience stores in Portland

Former New Seasons CEO launching healthy convenience stores in Portland
Lisa Sedlar's Green Zebra Grocery convenience store outlets will feature fresh produce, and no 40 ouncers. (Photo by Cathy Cheney, Portland Business Journal)

Former New Seasons Markets CEO Lisa Sedlar announced this week her plans to open her first outlets of a chain of healthy convenience stores under the name Green Zebra Grocery.

As Portland Business Journal's Real Estate Daily reports, the first two locations will be in the Woodstock and Kenton neighborhoods.

Sedlar says the whole idea is to bring "health to people's neighborhoods."

In other words, no 40-ouncers, no cigarettes, lots of fresh produce and convenience foods prepared on site in store kitchens. There will be a selection of locally produced beer and wine, plus the basics to put together meals at home.

"It's a mashup on the idea of a convenience store," Sedlar said.

The smaller store footprint — 5,000 to 6,000 square feet — makes it both leaner and greener, Sedlar said. It will take less of a toll on the environment, take fewer staff to operate and can slot into more neighborhoods than, for example, her previous employer, New Seasons.

Sedlar resigned her post as New Seasons CEO in November to start her own chain of health-focused convenience stores.

New Seasons is a minority investor in Green Zebra, Sedlar said. She is raising a first round of several million but declined to name other investors. She is investing her own funds as well. An initial $1 million will fund the opening of the first store.

The Woodstock store will be located at the corner of Woodstock and Southeast 49th Ave. The Kenton location will be at Lombard Street and Peninsular Avenue.

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