Former teacher cuts off ankle bracelet, on the run for second time

Former teacher cuts off ankle bracelet, on the run for second time »Play Video
Logan Storm.

PORTLAND, Ore. – A former Beaverton middle school teacher convicted of possessing child pornography is on the run even though he was found guilty.

The U.S. attorney says Logan Storm had hundreds of pornographic images and videos of toddlers and young girls on his computer equipment.

The judge let Storm go free until his sentencing in April even though he had taken off once before to Europe.

Storm was living with his parents in Southeast Portland in the house where he grew up. The house was also where Storm was supposed to be after federal Judge Ancer Haggerty decided he could go free until sentencing if he wore an electronic tracking device on his ankle.

But on Tuesday, hours after he was found guilty of possessing child pornography, authorities found Storm’s ankle bracelet at Lewis and Clark Park in Troutdale. He had cut it off.

U.S. Marshals said Saturday that they have reason to believe that someone is helping Storm hide from authorities.

U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall is frustrated the judge didn't keep Storm locked up, considering he took off right after detectives initially searched his computer three years ago.

"Within 24 hours of serving that search warrant Mr. Storm left the country, drove to Canada and boarded a plane where he flew to Heathrow Airport in London," she said. "He then next spent approximately the next nine months in several different Western European countries, eventually was persuaded to return to the United States."

And it's Storm's cooperation since his return that convinced Haggerty he wasn't a flight risk again.

KATU News contacted the judge about his decision but has not heard back.

U.S. Marshalls are asking the public to be on the lookout for one of the following two vehicles that Storm may be driving:

  • A green Ford F-150 with Oregon license plate 726-CKA.
  • A silver VW Jetta wagon with Oregon license plate 931-DVE (photo at right).

The U.S. Marshals Service says Storm does not have his passport.

But he has had several different names in the past. Prosecutors say he may also face charges of child sex abuse. They believe he molested two children in his past.

Anyone who sees one of the vehicles or has any information about Storm is asked to call the U.S. Marshals at 503-326-2209.