Friends band together to help displaced employees after fire

Friends band together to help displaced employees after fire »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A large fire in November left employees of Portland’s Pal’s Shanty Tavern out in the cold, figuratively and literally.

Now friends of the storied business’s nine workers are banding together for fundraisers to help them through the tough times until Pal’s can open again.

Jackie Conley, a fundraiser organizer and friend of employees says, "It wasn't just a hit as far as these people don't have jobs. It was a hit because a lot of people felt like they were part of a family here."

The restaurant owners say they will reopen but repairs will take about four to six months. That's a long time for the employees, about half of them with children.

Previous fundraisers have raised some money, but there are more events planned.  Friends are also looking for other jobs for the displaced workers, and searching out families to adopt them for Christmas.

Piney Kahn is a bartender and server at Pal’s Shanty Tavern. She says "People are coming out to help with the fundraising which is amazing. It really helps to emotionally support, too, because we know the neighborhood is there for us."

The next fundraiser will be held at on Saturday Dec. 21 at Velocult Bike Shop at 1969 NE 42nd Ave, in Portland.

They’re also accepting cash donations through the website GoFundMe.