Friends say a 'battle bot' destroyed my car

Friends say a 'battle bot' destroyed my car »Play Video
College student Jessica Foster stands in front of her smashed Toyota Echo and describes how she heard a crunch and a diesel engine speeding away while she was studying inside her home.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Someone speeding down a Northeast Portland street Tuesday smashed into a college student's car, totaled it and sped off, taking part of the car with them.

Jessica Foster said her Toyota Echo looked as if one of those giant fictional Transformer robots clawed one side of her car or used a giant can opener to slice through the metal. She doesn't really recognize the car, which goes by the name 'Rita,' that's been paid off and part of her life for years now.

"My friends described it like a battle bot did it. ... As far as I know, Transformers aren't real," she said.

The car was parked on the street outside Foster's home near Northeast 62nd and Skidmore when the incident happened.

She was studying inside her home when at about 4:45 in the afternoon she heard a metal crunch and a loud diesel engine speeding away. She didn't get a look at a driver or the vehicle but she said she couldn't believe what happened in just a few seconds.

"The first thing you're seeing is all this metal, and then you realize just, wow, how did that happen?" she said. "They came along and they hit it, dragged the car. ... And they took half my door, basically."

Foster has insurance and thought she'd be OK, but her uninsured motorist coverage doesn't cover body damage. So this college student, who has to work two jobs to get by, now is out of a car and can't afford to fix it or buy a new one unless the other driver steps up or someone helps track that driver down.

"I might have to drop out of school. ... That's a possibility right now, a real possibility," she said.

That driver had to be hard to miss, however, while speeding away with an extra blue car door hanging on.

Anyone who saw anything is encouraged to call Portland police.

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