Getting your garden ready for spring

Getting your garden ready for spring »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The sun has finally come out and it looks like it's here to stay for the next few days. This taste of spring has a lot of people thinking about getting to work in their yards and gardens. So where do you start?

Cori Bacher with Cornell Farm in Southwest Portland says soil is the foundation to every garden.

"We have great soil in the Pacific Northwest, clay, but it needs organic material," she says.

Bacher says add compost to your soil before you plant. And remember these three rules of thumb:

  • Clay soil needs organic material
  • Mix compost 50/50 with topsoil
  • Top with mulch or filbert shells

If you don't have a big yard, and want to focus on container gardening, Bacher says it's easy to get started. Here are another three tips:

  • Pick three plants
  • Choose complementary or contrasting colors
  • Plant tall in the middle, low on the edge

Beneficial insects can help your garden a lot. Ask for them at the counter of your favorite nursery center.

  • Beneficial insects eat other insects
  • Ladybugs, Praying Mantis, Nematodes
  • No insecticide necessary when you use these little workers

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