Government shutdown may mean gun-background-check slowdown

Government shutdown may mean gun-background-check slowdown »Play Video
Tim Greve of Northwest Armory looks over his inventory of guns Monday hours before the U.S. government shut down. The federal government runs background checks on gun buyers before purchases can go through. It is unclear right now if the shutdown will slow down background checks.

MILWAUKIE, Ore. – Many people are wondering how the government shutdown will impact gun buyers.

The federal government has to run background checks on gun buyers before a purchase can go through.

It's new territory because the last time the government shut down there weren't any background checks for gun purchases. No one really knows what to expect this time.

But on Monday, it was business as usual at Northwest Armory on Southeast McLoughlin Boulevard despite concerns that background checks for gun purchases might get mired in the federal government shutdown.

"Law enforcement uses it for a number of different things. So they're expecting to be no hiccups. We're hoping for no hiccups," said Tim Greve of Northwest Armory.

Christopher Riley came to Northwest Armory to pick up a handgun, saying "being unable to buy firearms, for a lot of people, is wrong," he said.

And he can't believe the dysfunction in Washington, D.C.

"It's kind of ridiculous. The government hasn't been able to implement something to fund, like a specific part of their own system. That doesn't make sense for starters," he said.

Even if there's a slowdown in background checks, some at the store weren't too worried Monday.

"People are going to find a way to get stuff," said Pat Maloney, a customer at Northwest Armory.

He wondered if the shutdown, despite its financial hardship for furloughed government workers, might turn into a demonstration project for a smaller federal government.

"The government not doing their job, that gets into tricky territory, because then you start looking at what the government's actually been doing. Maybe they're doing too much?" he said.

Northwest Armory has not seen any kind of rush from people trying to get a background check before the government shutdown.