Grand jury clears Fairview officer of shooting, killing man

Grand jury clears Fairview officer of shooting, killing man

FAIRVIEW, Ore. - A grand jury decided Thursday that a Fairview police officer was justified in using deadly force during a disturbance call last month.

After the grand jury's decision, police released more details about the shooting and killing of Larry McKinney on Jan. 27.

Police say McKinney ran out of an apartment door with a large kitchen knife in his hand. Police Chief Ken Johnson said McKinney had the knife over his shoulder with the knife's edge pointing down toward the officer. Johnson said the officer knew he was going to die.

As the officer turned, he yelled. That’s when the second officer saw what was happening and fired three times.

"In that split second, he knew that he was going to die," Johnson said. "Officer (Joe) Kaiser said that there was no doubt in his mind whatsoever that McKinney was going to thrust the knife into the top of his head."

The call initially came in from McKinney’s mother, Sandra Kelley. Police said officers responded to a report of a "drunk sounding complainant who says there is a male being violent."

She said Thursday afternoon that she still doesn't agree with the story police are telling. She said her son never threatened anyone.

"Officers said, 'Drop the weapon, drop the weapon' – that fast, boom, boom boom. They shot him that fast," said Kelley. "They gave him no reaction times."

Johnson said he has also requested that the grand jury transcripts and 911 tapes be released and will do so if they’re made public.

A use-of-force review board will now meet next week to determine if the officer acted within department policies and procedures.