Man suspected of Rose Quarter hit-and-run arrested

Man suspected of Rose Quarter hit-and-run arrested

PORTLAND, Ore. – A man police say is suspected of hitting a security guard at the Rose Quarter Tuesday morning with his SUV and leaving the scene has been arrested, according to police.

Working on information they had gathered during their investigation, police said they were able to track down the location of 24-year-old Marc Lacy to a North Portland home.

Police say they arrested Lacy at a home in the 4500 block of North Vancouver in Portland at about 7:40 p.m. He was arrested without incident.

According to police, detectives received a tip that wasn't related to the photo snapped of the suspect by the Rose Quarter security guard who was hit and injured.

A Portland Police spokesman said the security guard was checking a parking lot after she noticed a chain had been cut at the entrance.

She saw a man, who police say was Lacy, standing next to a Ford Explorer. When Lacy saw her, police said he hopped in the SUV and drove at her.

The suspect hit the guard before she could get out of the way, police said. She was, however, able to snap a photo of the driver before she was hit.

After nobody had heard from the guard, police showed up and found her in the Benton parking lot at the Rose Quarter. She had serious injuries but has been released from the hospital.

Police said as Lacy drove away on Winning Way he missed a left turn onto North Williams and crashed into a bus shelter. He then ran away on foot.

Harry Richards lives nearby and said he was having his morning coffee when he saw the crash.

"He did look intoxicated," Richards said. "He was shaking real bad. He was just shaking."

Anyone with information about this crash is urged to contact, reference PPB Case #12-55117.