Happy birthday, dear Pioneer Courthouse Square!

Happy birthday, dear Pioneer Courthouse Square! »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Ronald Reagan was in the White House, Kenny Loggins had the number one song on the radio, and an empty piece of land in the heart of Portland officially became Pioneer Courthouse Square.

On its 30th birthday, thousands of people packed the amphitheater, sang along at a concert and enjoyed 1,984 free cupcakes to celebrate the square's big day.

"This square is one of the treasures of this whole community," said Jere Grinn, enjoying the music in a special VIP section.

"The square is one of the reasons that we have such a unique place," she said. Grinn is one of four people who won a national competition to design the unique weather contraption that sprays water once a day.

The square itself was designed by Will Martin, who also won a competition.

Martin died in 1985.

"He got to see it in one full year, four seasons, and loved it," said Martin's wife, Gail Martin Rutherford, who was at the 30th birthday party.

"It snowed that year. Will opened the paper to see they skied down the ramp. He said, 'wow, there's a use I hadn't envisioned,'" she remembered laughing.