Have something stolen? It might have ended up here

Have something stolen? It might have ended up here

WEST LINN, Ore. – Police in West Linn found so much stolen property Wednesday in a home that they needed a dump truck to move it all.

Now police are hoping that people will take a look at the property and identify anything that might be theirs.

Investigators said the thefts took place in several cities, but all the stolen property ended up in one Oregon City house. The stuff includes dozens of backpacks, two guns, power tools, antiques, electronics, a bike and more.

West Linn police officer Larry Redler helped track it all down when he dedicated himself to investigating a series of car break-ins and burglaries.

His investigation led to the home at 566 C Street in Oregon City where police rammed through the door on Wednesday and raided the house.

“I saw guns, trunks and bikes and two county trucks just loaded with all kinds of things and equipment,” said neighbor Carie Sherk. “It was just amazing that so much came out of one of these units. They’re relatively small.”

Police have already identified the owners of some of the property but say the thieves were prolific in taking advantage of people who left valuables in their car.

“They were going after anything that was left in a car, left in an unlocked house,” said Officer Mike Francis with the West Linn Police Department. “In some cases they just entered homes in the middle of the day.”

Police arrested 38-year-old Joshua Lazenby of Gladstone for an outstanding warrant, although they say charges are coming in this case.

In addition to stolen property, police said they also found meth in the home.

Police will post pictures of all the stolen property on their website within the next week. They will also post instructions for claiming things that are yours.