Highway to the danger zone runs right through Portland

Highway to the danger zone runs right through Portland »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore- It's F-15 versus F-18, Oregon Air National Guard versus the Marines, all headed for a remote training area in southern Oregon where they'll duke it out for bragging rights.

"It's the Air Force against the Marines. There's a longstanding rivalry and no one wants second place," said Captain Brad Young with the Oregon Air National Guard.

Captain Young served three tours overseas. He knows the F-15 like the back of his hand, and he also knows how important advanced training exercises like this are.

"The ability for us to train together, I think a great analogy is like a football team, if you always practice against the same team and you only play against your practice squad you won't ever get any better," Captain Young said.

With everything going on between Russia and Ukraine, Captain Young says it's vital they be ready for anything.

"There are actors in Europe that have air forces that may require action. Should we be called upon to do that, we train on a daily basis to make sure we are ready to answer that call," Captain Young said.

While most people might grumble about getting called into work on a Saturday, Captain Young is always looking for a good excuse to suit up.

"I think the easiest way to put it is if you stopped paying me I'd keep doing this job," Captain Young said.

The training exercises run from 7am until 4pm, and will be going on until Monday.