Hillsboro woman trying to free cousins held in Angola

Hillsboro woman trying to free cousins held in Angola »Play Video
Patrick Allocco (left) and his son, who has not been identified.

HILLSBORO, Ore. – A Hillsboro woman says her cousin and his son are being held against their will in Angola after the artists he helped book for a New Year’s Eve concert did not show up to perform.

Barbara Callahan told KATU News Tuesday that she fears her family members are being used as collateral and there’s nothing she can do about it.

“The other people in Angola handling the concert were using my cousin and my nephew as a bargaining chip,” said Callahan.

Callahan says she's called everyone from local representatives to the United States Embassy for help.

Rap artist Nas and opening act Jemiah Jai were supposed to perform a New Year’s Eve concert in Angola, according to Patrick Allocco, Callahan’s cousin and CEO of All Good Entertainment. Allocco says he was the middle man in the concert deal.

The artists never showed up, despite getting $315,000 in advance to perform. According to Allocco, Nas and Jemiah Jai failed to board their flights in the United States in time to reach Angola for the concerts.

Allocco told KATU News by phone that he and his son were taken by local authorities at gunpoint and interrogated for 7 hours.

“They grabbed my son, they grabbed me and they forced us, pushed us up against the car, threw us into the car and drove us to a local police precinct,” Allocco said.

The U.S. Embassy stepped in and took Allocco and his son to a secret location.

Allocco says they are still being told that whether or not they can leave Angola will depend on the performers.

He said he’s tried to contact the performers’ agents, but they are not returning calls. KATU News also tried to contact them, but our phone calls were not returned.

“Nas performs the concert or the money gets repaid. Short of that you’re not leaving Angola,” said Allocco.