Historic Portland house moves (slowly) to new home

Historic Portland house moves (slowly) to new home

PORTLAND, Ore. – A century-old Southeast Portland house will soon have a new home – about one block away.

Sunday, crews began to move the historic house from Southeast 26th and Hawthorne to 25th and Madison Street.

"This house is sitting on steel high beams," said Pat Brady with Emmert International. "It thinks it's still sitting on a foundation. This is your ultimate mobile home right here."

A Portland family who lives nearby bought the 1907 house for just one dollar.

“It was either the house was gonna be taken down, or if it could be moved, and we got a call from a woman saying ‘can we store an old house’ on the lot that we purchased,” said Beth Bonness.

“It’s been a real, a real six weeks of intense planning, deciding if we can do this, can we not do it, so now it’s happening,” said Jeff McCaffrey.

A crowd gathered to watch the slow, careful move on a hydraulically-powered dolly Sunday.

“Oh, it’s incredible,” said Amanda McCaffrey, who is an architecture student at the University of Oregon. “I’m really excited, and it’s exciting that they’re choosing to save an old house and refurbish that instead of build new materials, so saving an old house is a better option.”

The move makes way for a new 77-unit apartment complex.

KATU's Melanie Wingo contributed to this story.