Home for the holidays: 'We know where we will be from now on'

Home for the holidays: 'We know where we will be from now on' »Play Video
Ann Lund (far left) and her family celebrate Christmas in their new home from Habitat for Humanity.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Ann Lund and her family celebrated Christmas in the best gift they could have wished for.

“We know where we will be from now on,” Ann said.

The family moved into their new Habitat for Humanity home two months ago.

“Last year we would have been crowded, all together, a little too close,” said Ann's son Tyler Lund-Murphy.

So close, in fact, that Ann’s two sons often had to carry her daughter, Keeley, who suffers from Rett Syndrome, a nervous system disorder. Her wheelchair didn’t fit in their old apartment. But that’s not a problem anymore.

“The doors being wide enough for Keeley, the hallway not to have the wheelchair sitting right here,” she said.

Ann used to share a bedroom with Keeley, to be close in case she suffered a seizure. She doesn’t have to anymore, thanks to the home’s new amenities.

“Would have cost a fortune,” said Ann.

Habitat Humanity helped the Lund family finally feel like they were home for the holidays.

"I love my home,” said Ann. “I'm proud of it.”