Huge tree falls in Vancouver

Huge tree falls in Vancouver
Photo Courtesy: Vancouver Police Department.

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A tree-cutting operation gone wrong resulted in a very large tree falling onto NE 28th Street on Sunday.

The wrongly-toppled tree blocked the roadway on NE 28th Street and took out a power line.

A number of phone calls were made to Clark County 911 reporting that a man was cutting down a tree very near people and nearby houses. Vancouver Police officers headed to the scene but the tree came down before they got there, having fallen in a different direction than the tree cutter had intended.

No one was hurt.  The power outage was brief and limited to the property around where the tree once stood.

This all happened about 12:30 p.m. Sunday. The man who cut the tree down has been identified as an employee of Viktor's Excavation of Vancouver. George Almajan, who owns the property, hired Viktor's to clear out the old tree and some houses on the property so it can be redeveloped as a commercial property.

Because the tree was so large - 110 feet high and 4 feet around at its trunk - Vancouver Public Works crews had to bring in heavy equipment for the clearing operation.

It took three hours to clear the tree and reopen NE 28th Street to traffic.