Hundreds of teachers laid off in the Beaverton School District

Hundreds of teachers laid off in the Beaverton School District

BEAVERTON, Ore. - Hundreds of teachers and staff members in the Beaverton School District learned Thursday who stays and who goes as expected layoffs take effect.

The layoffs will mean larger class sizes for students, and it's one of the main concerns KATU News heard from parents of students.

At some schools it will mean at least 40 kids in a class, but the district is still working out all of those numbers.

About 204 teachers and staff got a call from their principal Thursday telling them they were laid off. Another 365 teachers and staff found out they'd be transferring schools or positions.

"If you have a high-quality teacher, you can have many students and still get a high-quality education," Sue Robertson with the district said about the impact the changes will have on students. "That's not to say that's easy, or that it's an easy job for the teacher. It's not. It's very difficult, but more than class size, the quality of the teacher is the critical factor."

But some parents said they don't feel that's a good answer because the teachers are laid off by seniority, not merit. One parent said she's also sad to see specialized programs and teachers go, like PE and Library.