Husband and wife team up to take down wanted felon

Husband and wife team up to take down wanted felon »Play Video
Matt Schiewe demonstrates how the suspect, Harly Berg, jumped over this chain-link fence.

BEAVERTON, Ore. - Matt Schiewe used his bare hands while his wife, Marilyn Mays, used a broom to take down a wanted man on the run from police.

Beaverton police said they saw the suspect, Harly Berg, walking in the area of Scholls Ferry Road. He was wanted for a probation violation. And when they tried to stop him, he took off. That's when he ran into the husband-wife dynamic duo.

Matt Schiewe was working in his backyard when he said Berg hopped over his chain-link fence.

"He had his foot right about here (on top of the fence)," Schiewe said. "He was up in the air when I turned around."

Schiewe could tell Berg was running from something.

"I kinda grabbed him and said, 'What are you doing here?' He wouldn't respond," Schiewe said.

He wasn't going to let Berg pass through him or his property, but he had no idea the suspect had a gun.

"We got against the fence (and) that's when I looked down, saw that gun in his left hand. So I grabbed his wrist brought it up. ..."

Schiewe said the gun dropped into the bushes, but his grip on Berg held tight.

"He was struggling, but I had him – both arms around his chest (and) squeezed him," Schiewe said.

Schiewe called out for his wife Marilyn, who practices martial arts. She grabbed that broom hanging from a wall and used it in close range against the struggling suspect.

"I didn't hit him," she said. But Marilyn did press the wooden end of the broom against the right side of Berg's head "in case I needed to."

Police showed up to find the broom-wielding and bear-hugging couple subduing Berg for about five minutes.

Pumped up on adrenaline – but now looking back – both hope it doesn't happen again.

"I don't know, tussling with somebody with a gun was probably not a good idea," said Matt. "I wouldn’t recommend it."

Berg was arrested and police said they took the gun as evidence. Marilyn said she's planning on taking a refresher course in self-defense and hopes to take one with her husband. And she said maybe she will even teach a class.

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