'I'm glad she's out and I don't have to deal with it anymore'

'I'm glad she's out and I don't have to deal with it anymore' »Play Video
The Gresham home at the center of the dispute. KATU photo.

GRESHAM, Ore. - A woman who wanted her life and home to be featured in a new reality show is getting kicked off some property in Gresham after being accused of being a squatter.

On Friday, a Multnomah County judge ruled that Denise Martin and her partner, Patrick McEachern, would need to get off the property immediately.

The home is owned by Joyce Enebo of Redmond, Oregon. She took Martin to court, saying the woman did not make payments and was basically 'squatting' at the residence.

"I'm relieved," Enebo said, adding that the battles with Martin put her in such financial trouble that she lost her home in Redmond and will now be moving back into the home that Martin was evicted from. "I'm glad she's out and I don't have to deal with it anymore."

Martin has denied being a squatter. She said she was starting a business at the property that would be centered on super gardens and their healthy benefits, and that she was hoping to make it onto the new reality TV show Lawn Wars that is planned for Country Music Television. The Oregonian reported that Martin and her partner had already made the first cut.

"I needed a property to land on," Martin told us when we talked to her a few weeks ago about the dispute. "I offered the owner $5,000."

Martin showed us a contract that stipulated she would pay $400 a month to the homeowner and then an almost $4,000 balloon payment. She said she had started paying the rent in June and only refused to stop paying once Enebo decided to have her evicted.

"She sent the police on August 13 saying I was a squatter, saying I was on the property illegally," Martin said. "She called 9-1-1 and sent them there."

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But Enebo said the contract was bogus (that the wording had been changed after it was signed) and that Martin was supposed to pay her $5,000 up front. She said Martin even moved in before the deal was struck.

Martin told us that she has been in other landlord-tenant disputes in the past 20 years. But she said it was always the owners who broke the agreements after she improved their properties with landscaping and gardens. She is adamant that she is not a squatter and said she never has been.

Still, she and her partner, Patrick McEachern, will need to move out, according to the judge. It was a decision that did not sit well with McEachern, who created an outburst in court.

"You're a liar," he told Enebo. "You're going to get it from God. You know that? (unintelligible)"

Enebo said McEachern had claimed to be God in the past, which is why she then told him "you say you're God, so give it to me."

"I am," McEachern retorted. "You know what - you're going to jail for lying to the 9-1-1 people."

Joyce Enebo (left) listens as Patrick McEachern (right, with the ponytail) calls her a liar in court on Friday, Sept. 14, 2012. KATU photo.