Intel reveals plans to expand 'leading edge' plant

HILLSBORO, Ore. - Computer chipmaker Intel announced they are looking to expand a chip fabrication plant at their Hillsboro campus with a new large construction project.

In a press release, Intel said it had filed for permits to expand the "D1X" fabrication plant "to accommodate new semiconductor manufacturing technology expected to be deployed industry-wide later this decade."

They said the D1X plant is "leading edge" fabrication technology and the expansion will consist of a second module called "MOD2" that will be connected to the current facility, according to Intel Communications Manager Bill McKenzie.

An office building, manufacturing support building and a parking structure will also be built, pending permit approval.

Intel said they hope to begin construction of the facility in 2013 and have the equipment in place to start making wafers, which computer chips are built on, by 2015.

There was no immediate word from Intel on how many construction jobs would be created to build the addition or how many staffers would be needed at the new facility.

Below: The Intel D1X facility before the MOD2 expansion. Image courtesy of Intel.

Intel rendering of the MOD2 addition, expected to be completed in 2015: