Accused shooter yells out, 'I love you,' to courtroom supporter

Accused shooter yells out, 'I love you,' to courtroom supporter

OREGON CITY, Ore. - The man accused of shooting his girlfriend and her mother in Happy Valley, killing the mother, had at least one supporter during his first court appearance Wednesday.

Jason Hogan, 33, is accused of shooting Gina Marie Perrone, 29, and Norma Jean Perrone, 62, in their home Sunday night. Norma Perrone died of her injuries and Gina Perrone was in serious condition at a hospital.

Thea Bidwell, a longtime friend of Hogan, said she was in the courtroom during his appearance because she feels that Hogan is likely feeling very alone right now and wanted to be there for him no matter the circumstances. She said she dated him 13 years ago and has remained friends with him ever since.

Hogan's appeared in court on four different charges, including murder. He was arrested Tuesday morning at the Beaverton Transit Center nearly 36 hours after police say he shot the Perrones.

He was wearing a suicide smock and seemed to be swaying back and forth during the video appearance, which was very brief. At the end of his appearance, he yelled out something that was pretty unintelligible but Bidwell said she believed he yelled, "I love you, Thea," as if he knew she was in the courtroom.

"I don't have any idea what happened or why it happened," she said outside the courthouse. "I just know that there is just a lot of hearts hurting out there today, and I just want Jason to know that we love him, and Gina and her family, all of my love and heart goes out to all of them as well."

Bidwell said she believes Hogan suffers from some kind of mental illness. She said he's never been the same since he had a motorcycle accident years ago.

"(He) had some mental plates put inside his head, which has caused him to go into blackout mode when he gets angry and not always remember what it is that he's doing," she said.

She also said he has a history of drug abuse and anger problems but he never hurt her.

Hogan will stay in the Clackamas County Jail until Aug. 13, which is his next court appearance. He's being held without bond.