Judge: Man accused of Lake Oswego murder unfit for trial

Judge: Man accused of Lake Oswego murder unfit for trial
Erik Meiser sits quietly during his competency hearing Monday in a Clackamas County courtroom. He's accused of stabbing to death Fredrick "Fritz" Hayes of Lake Oswego in 2012.

OREGON CITY, Ore. – The man accused of killing a Lake Oswego man in his home is mentally unfit to stand trial, a judge ruled Monday.

Erik Meiser was arrested in 2012 in the stabbing death of Fredrick "Fritz" Hayes. Meiser is accused of killing Hayes with a machete in his own kitchen after Hayes and his wife came back from a morning walk. The couple had never met Meiser before the encounter.

The judge ruled Meiser must undergo more treatment at the Oregon State Hospital before he is able to stand trial. Dr. Christopher Lockey, chief psychiatrist at the Oregon State Hospital, testified Meiser was delusional and unable to help his defense. Lockey was optimistic treatment would help Meiser and allow him to be mentally fit for trial.

Under Oregon law, a competency hearing allows a judge to decide if a defendant is able to stand trial. The law says Meiser must be able to understand the proceedings, cooperate with his lawyers and participate in his own defense.

Meiser is scheduled for a status hearing on June 9.