Judge allows murder-for-hire allegations in Horman divorce case

Judge allows murder-for-hire allegations in Horman divorce case
FILE - Terri Horman appears during a divorce court hearing Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013 in Portland, Ore. She did not say anything.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Murder-for-hire allegations will be allowed in court in the divorce case between Kaine and Terri Horman.

A judge ruled Monday that testimony from landscaper Rodolfo Sanchez, who says Terri Horman tried to hire him to kill her husband, can be used in court.

Sanchez claims Terri Horman tried to hire him five months before Kaine's son, Kyron, disappeared back in 2010.

Terri Horman is Kyron's stepmother.

Kyron was last seen at Skyline Elementary School in June of 2010.

Sanchez’s lawyer, Adam Thayne, said Sanchez is doing well for someone in his position.

"This is something that he would prefer to really not be a part of, but he's in the position that he's in and he's doing his best to comply with what the court needs him to do,” Thayne said.

The judge also ruled Terri’s lawyers cannot question Sanchez about his interactions with law enforcement.

Investigators focused heavily on Terri Horman in Kyron’s disappearance, but never charged her as a suspect.
Court documents show Terri Horman’s parents paid $250,000 to hire her defense team in this case.

The next hearing in the Horman divorce case is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 20.