Judge fines TriMet, tells them to hand over documents

Judge fines TriMet, tells them to hand over documents »Play Video
The scene of a 2010 crash involving a TriMet bus that left two young women dead. KATU file photo.

PORTLAND, Ore. - A federal judge has fined TriMet, saying the agency isn't playing ball with a lawsuit filed against it.

The lawsuit surrounds an incident in Old Town where a bus driver made an illegal left turn and killed two people. It happened on April 24, 2010.

The bus, which was out of service, was heading west on Northwest Glisan Street when the driver made a left turn onto Broadway and hit a group of pedestrians.

Three people were trapped under the bus. Jenee Hammel, 26, and her friend, Danielle Sale, 22, were killed. A third person suffered serious injuries and two others had minor injuries.

The driver of the bus, Sandi Day, was later found guilty of six traffic infractions in connection with the incident. They included four counts of careless driving, one count of failing to stop for a pedestrian and one count of executing an improper left-hand turn. She was also fined $1,000, ordered to perform 200 hours of community service and ordered to complete a safe driving course. Although she was fired from TriMet, her commercial driver's license was not suspended.

The families' lawyers asked for evidence and documents showing what TriMet said about the accident and driver training in general. The judge said TriMet intentionally dragged its feet and now the transit organization is being forced to hand over everything fast, and pay a $5,000 fine.

A memorial for the two women killed in the crash. KATU file photo.

"It's very disheartening because we're trying so hard to bring justice for my daughter and for Danielle and all the victims of the accident," said Vicki Flynn, Jenee Hammel's mother. "They're not being very transparent with us."