'HeatMap' keeps track of Portland's hottest new food spots

'HeatMap' keeps track of Portland's hottest new food spots »Play Video
Blue Star Donuts made it on this month's map.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- It seems no matter what Portland neighborhood you're in, a new restaurant or food cart is opening. And it can be hard to keep track of them, unless you have a "HeatMap" to guide you.

Portlanders want to know what's opening right now. It doesn't matter if there are glowing reviews -- or any reviews. They want to say they've been there done that.

"It's nice to see all the new places opening in Portland, just try to go and experience them here and there," said Lena Babenko.

Lena her daughter Francesca are so trendy, they happened to find themselves on the next "HeatMap". June's map is out Thursday.

The national blog "Eater" tracks the newest, hottest spots.

We stopped by Blue Star Donuts' new second location on Southeast Hawthorne. Eater PDX tells us to make it on the map, you have to be doing something different. This spot's much bigger than the one downtown.

"We have enough space for every donut that we need to make now," said pastry chef Stephanie Thornton. And they're making vegan donuts now. That's big in this neighborhood. Plus it wasn't easy. Donuts are inherently not dairy-free.

"Ou brioche dough has a lot of egg and milk and butter in it so for us to bring on the vegan aspect was a little bit of an undertaking," she said.

Speaking of undertakings, try going from catering to brick and mortar. Tamale Boy did it. The Mayan menu made last month's HeatMap from its new digs on Northeast Dekum Street.

"It's been a great help for us, because there's people that will travel out and seek us out because of that website," said owner Jaime Soltero.

The restaurant has cool murals inside and really neat seating outside. Jaime Soltero just hopes you'll come on back after saying you checked it off the map.

By the way, Eater PDX also offers a "Booze Map" to keep track of the hottest, newest bar spots in town.