La Grande remembers Joe and Jadin Bell: 'Stand up to a bully'

La Grande remembers Joe and Jadin Bell: 'Stand up to a bully' »Play Video
In this March 19, 2013 photo, Joe Bell crosses a bridge at Riverside Park in his preparations to walk across the United States to honor his late son, Jadin, and promote an anti-bullying program, in La Grande, Ore. Bell, the father of a gay Oregon teenager from who hanged himself is ready to begin walking across the United States to spread his message against bullying, Thursday, April 18, 2013. (AP Photo/The Observer, Chris Baxter)

LA GRANDE, Ore. - Friends and family gathered in La Grande on Thursday to remember Joe Bell, who died last week in Colorado during a cross-county walk to honor his gay son who killed himself after being bullied.

Jadin Bell tried to hang himself at an elementary school playground in January. A passer-by tried to rescue him, but Jadin Bell died a few weeks later in Portland at Oregon Health and Science University.

His distraught father decided to do something about it.

In late April, Joe Bell set off on a walk across the country to share the story of his son's death and raise awareness about bullying. 

“He was hurting so bad,” Bell said before his walk. “Just the bullying at school. Yeah there were other issues, but ultimately it was all due to the bullying, for not being accepted for being gay.”

We compiled several clips of people talking about Bell during his memorial service. Click "play video" above to watch.