Lake Oswego mayor father-in-law to slain former Navy SEAL

Lake Oswego mayor father-in-law to slain former Navy SEAL

PORTLAND, Ore. – A former Navy SEAL and author of a best-selling book who was shot to death in Texas was the son-in-law of Lake Oswego’s mayor, Kent Studebaker.

Chris Kyle was killed, along with a friend, at a shooting range in Texas.

Studebaker and his wife are now in Texas grieving with their daughter, Taya, over the loss of her husband.

Lake Oswego City Council President Mike Kehoe said the couple left for Texas Sunday morning.

"I talked to him a little bit ago," Kehoe said Monday night. "He said he is completely overwhelmed with the kindness the people there are showing his family. They are receiving just a tremendous outpouring of help. It's overwhelming."

Kehoe said he had met Chris Kyle last summer at Studebaker's home and described him as "very likable, a humble man, a very nice guy. He was a real hero."

Former Marine Eddie Routh, 25, is accused of killing Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield on Saturday.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Routh told his sister he traded his soul for a new truck. That truck, the one he was driving when he was arrested was Kyles', according to police.

Staff members of the shooting range found Kyle's and Littlefield's bodies about two hours after the pair arrived. Both were shot multiple times.

"Apparently, Mr. Kyle works with people that are suffering from some issues that have been in the military, and this shooter is possibly one of those people that he had taken out to the range to mentor, to visit with, to help him," said Erath County sheriff’s investigator Jason Upshaw.

Investigators say Routh stole Kyle's pickup truck and drove to his sister's home where he then confessed to the murders. After a short chase, he was arrested.

His relatives hoped his time at the shooting range would be therapeutic.

Routh enlisted in the Marines after high school and served four years. He received 10 medals, including recognition for humanitarian service.

Police records show in the past five months, though, he was taken to a mental hospital twice and said he had post-traumatic stress disorder.

On Sunday night jail deputies used a stun gun on Routh. When they went into his cell, after he refused his food, they said he looked ready to assault them.

He is now on suicide watch.