Well-executed play scores football team much-needed helmets

Well-executed play scores football team much-needed helmets

AURORA, Ore. – The North Marion High School Huskies football team will get 30 brand new helmets in time for fall season after their coach executed a Hail-Mary-like play.

"On a whim, I was sitting in this room here talking with my family – maybe I ought to stand out in the road with a sign saying, 'Will Work for Helmets,'" said head coach Doug Bilodeau.

That's just what he did, and it worked.

Thanks to a big corporation, Hampton Inns, on the other side of the country, the team will get new helmets that will be safer and shinier.

It turns out that helmets come with an expiration date. The team's old ones have to be thrown away after next season because they've been used for 10 years.

Bilodeau needed 30 safer ones for next season, but there was no money until he posted a photo of himself holding the "Will Work for Helmets" on Facebook.

A day after KATU News did a story about it people all over the United States wanted to help.

"We were really inspired by his story," said Jennifer Silberman, vice president of Hampton Inns.

While Silberman didn't need manual labor, she said via Skype she did make Bilodeau an offer.

"All we're really asking is things the coach already said they'd do, go out there, engage the community, and help others in need," she said.

And in exchange, Hampton Inns will donate $7,000 all the money needed to purchase the new helmets.

"It just means a lot. We're gonna be working for every bit," said one player.

"This blessing. This Godly blessing, it's unbelievable," Bilodeau said. 'You don't know the nights of not sleeping thinking about where I was going to get the money for the helmets."

The team also got job offers to do all kinds of dirty work around Aurora. Bilodeau said if they took up all the offers they got, they'd earn more than $30,000.

He's hoping other high schools can learn the same lesson the players did: if you work hard good things will happen.