Lawsuit won't deter supporters of Playdate PDX

Lawsuit won't deter supporters of Playdate PDX »Play Video
Three women are suing Playdate PDX after they say they were injured on this slide.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- One by one, dozens of families filed in and out of Playdate PDX. They weren't bothered by word of a pending lawsuit claiming a slide there is unsafe.

"Kids are going to get hurt on playgrounds, that's the way it is," said parent Shawn Mentzer.

The news came as a shock to Mentzer who takes his son to the indoor playground all the time.

"Portland needs indoor play places. It's vital to getting our kids out and having fun and socializing," Mentzer said.

He isn't the only fan of the playground; it has developed something of a cult following on social media.

There's dozens of clips about the place on YouTube, with one man even talking about how fun the slide is.

Mentzer admits it might be a little fast for small kids, but he has no plans to keep his child away from Playdate PDX.

"If action needs to be taken, maybe alter the slide a little but don't shut the place down, it's vital," he said.