Local sheriffs sound off on new federal gun proposals

Local sheriffs sound off on new federal gun proposals
Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton in 2010.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Following the Linn County sheriff’s much publicized letter to the White House, expressing his views on possible new federal gun laws, several other local sheriffs have followed suit.

Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton released a statement on Thursday, saying he did not plan to make changes in his office following new federal proposals tightening gun control laws.

“No change in the practices of this office will come without both a clear understanding of the measures proposed or enacted into law, or a chance to hear back from the citizens of Multnomah County regarding these proposals,” Staton wrote in the statement.

The sheriff did emphasize he has long supported rights to privacy of concealed-handgun holders and tougher screening of concealed handgun applicants.

Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett also released a statement. He took a more aggressive response to the firearms proposals.

In bold type, Garrett wrote: “I will protect your Second Amendment rights under the United States Constitution – I will not enforce federal law that will infringe upon those rights.”

Garrett added that he does not believe the federal government will be successful in “passing law that restricts your Second Amendment rights.”

Similarly, Marion County Jason Myers also released a statement, saying he also was a strong supporter of gun rights.

“I have and will continue to uphold this oath, including supporting the Second Amendment rights of our citizen,” Myers wrote. “When tragedy or controversy strikes our nation, we naturally see citizens begin to advocate for their beliefs on these issues. I try to avoid hasty reactions to situations that impact the rights of all people.”

Baker County Sheriff Mitchell Southwick struck the same tone in his statement. He said he does not plan to enforce “any federal regulation enacted by Congress or by executive order of the president offending the constitutional rights of the citizens.”