Gas thieves target Longview post office

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KATU photo.

LONGVIEW, Wash. - Fuel lines were cut and gas was stolen from three U.S. Postal Service vehicles in Longview.

The theft happened Saturday at the post office at 1603 Larch Street.

About 50 gallons of gas was stolen and then, of course, there was the damage to the vehicles. Backup trucks from Kelso and Portland had to be brought in to get the mail out.

The postmaster has been trying to get a security fence put up at the Larch Street post office for years, but there hasn't been any money in the budget to pay for it.

The post office also does not have security cameras, which might change if theft becomes a problem there.

About 10 years ago, someone slashed tires on the delivery vehicles. That's the only other incident that has happened at this particular post office.

The thieves face some serious charges if they are caught. The crime is a federal offense since it involves the U.S. Postal Service.