Man comes face-to-face with shooter

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Rok Sang Kim came face to face with the shooter who opened fire at the Clackamas Town Center. (KATU photo).

CLACKAMAS, Ore. - Rok Sang Kim feels lucky to be home with his family after locking eyes with a man who opened fire at a local mall.

Tuesday's shooting at the Clackamas Town Center left three people dead - one of them the shooter who turned the gun on himself, police said.

Kim said he ran right into the shooter while he was recycling boxes from his store in the mall. He said at first he thought it was a joke. That's because the shooter was wearing a white hockey goalie mask with eye holes in it and holding what Kim initially thought was a toy assault rifle.

"First thing I thought is what's going on? I mean, Halloween is over," Kim said.

But something wasn't right about the masked person, who Kim said appeared to be a teenager between 16 and 18 years old.

"His eyes were like a little bit worried," Kim said. "And then he looked at me like this (motions to his face with a serious look) through the mask. So I was a little bit scared and feeling strange."

Kim said he told the young man "no, don't do that." But then the shooter turned the rifle away from Kim and went down a flight of stairs to the lower part of the mall.

Kim said he believes the shooting had already started before he came face to face with the shooter, because he noticed a lot of people were pouring out of the mall in a hurry.

Why the shooter chose not to open fire on Kim is anyone's guess.

"I don't know why," Kim said.