Man accused of attacking woman, then returning to leave a note

Man accused of attacking woman, then returning to leave a note »Play Video
Cruz Bonilla.

BEAVERTON, Ore. - What happened to a woman on Aug. 15 on the bathroom floor inside her Beaverton apartment might not meet the legal definition of rape.

But the woman who endured it might consider it just that after fighting off the man who came through her apartment’s sliding glass door, jumped on top of her at one-thirty in the morning, and grabbed her in a brutal sexual attack.

Beaverton police say 33-year-old Cruz Bonilla of Hillsboro admits committing the crime.

In court documents, police also say Bonilla admits going back to the victim’s apartment and leaving a note on her door Monday.

“That’s bizarre man, it’s beyond me,” says Bonilla’s neighbor in Hillsboro, Tyler Zoucha.

Zoucha lives near the house neighbors say Bonilla shares with his wife and their two children.

Zoucha can’t believe one of his neighbors could commit that kind of crime, and says if an attacker came into his home “he’d be in big trouble. Big trouble.”

According to court documents, the note Bonilla admits leaving on the victim’s door said “I hope you don’t hate me.”

It asked to her to call his phone “and send me to jail please.”

Court documents say Bonilla told police he dropped off the note “because he felt guilt” for deciding to “take advantage of her.”

“It’s very odd,” says Beaverton Police Detective Sergeant Jim Shumway, “We don’t get very man stranger sexual assault cases.  It’s very rare around here, so that’s rare to begin with.  And then, that the suspect went back and left a note like this is even stranger.”

Beaverton police are concerned Bonilla may have targeted other women, because they believe he went out of his way to commit this attack.