Man dressed as Santa hands out donated blankets to homeless

Man dressed as Santa hands out donated blankets to homeless

PORTLAND, Ore. - Frank Mabry dressed as Santa Christmas night. He was handing out blankets to the homeless on Portland’s West Burnside Street near the Burnside Bridge.

Mabry says people have been very generous in making sure he has plenty of donated blankets and gloves to give to the homeless. Mabry brought some of the blankets he has collected over the past few weeks to the homeless shelters where many people sleep on the sidewalk.

Mabry has been collecting donations at the big "Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer" statue and sled he set up at NW 10th and Northrup in the Pearl District. He says they're especially needed cold nights.

"The most amazing thing has been how many blankets and gloves people have brought by,” Mabry said. “And that really makes a difference out here on the street where people are sleeping on sidewalks. Especially on a cold night like this? On a cold night like tonight.”

A homeless man named John accepted a blanket, and thanked Mabry.

“He's right on time,” John said, “It's a little chilly out here.”

Mabry says he's collected about 300 blankets at the reindeer. He hopes to collect a total of 500 by New Year's Eve.

The reindeer will stay at the corner of NW 10th and Northrup, until then. Mabry says the donation reindeer has been such a hit he expects it will be back again next year, but it will have to find another home. A building is going up on the site where the reindeer is now.