Man handing out fliers rescues woman from burning home

Man handing out fliers rescues woman from burning home

OREGON CITY, Ore. - For the second time this week a good Samaritan rushes in to rescue someone inside a burning house.

This time it wasn't a neighbor who sprang into action Wednesday night. It was a random person walking by.

And if you're tired of political campaigns, here's one reason to love them, because the young man who came to the woman’s rescue was handing out political fliers in the 400 block of Telford Road. At about 6 p.m., Michael Teau, who was campaigning for a local candidate, noticed smoke coming from a house and heard the smoke alarm. He also heard someone from inside yelling for help.

After crawling underneath the smoke, he helped out the woman who lived at the home get out. Then he grabbed a hose and put the fire out.

"Right when I got to her I couldn't see her because she was standing up and there was just a lot of smoke," said Teau. "And I basically walked up toward her. As she was approaching me, that's when I grabbed her arm and told her it's not safe, you need to get out. And I brought her to the top of the steps. ... She said there was a hose on the balcony. So that's when I knew she ran down to the balcony, and I found the hose that was already on. And I grabbed it. That's when I noticed the couch was still on fire and that's when I started putting the fire out."

Taeu actually shot video of himself spraying water onto that couch using his cell phone in one hand, the hose in the other.

The woman was taken to a local hospital and treated for smoke inhalation.

Firefighters said if not for Taeu, the damage would have been far worse.

On Monday night 14-year-old Marcos Ugarte rescued his 8-year-old neighbor Cody Ma from his smoke-filled upstairs bedroom in Troutdale.

Firefighters called Marcos a hero. His story was also featured on Good Morning America on Wednesday.