Neighbor: Man shot by deputies was suffering from mental issues

Neighbor: Man shot by deputies was suffering from mental issues »Play Video
Jeffery David Anderson is seen in a 2006 booking photo from an arrest on DUII charges.

ALOHA, Ore. - A 56-year-old man shot by Washington County sheriff's deputies later died of his injuries.

Jeffery David Anderson, of Aloha, died Sunday morning at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) after he had been shot Saturday night.

The incident began around 8:15 p.m. on Southwest 195th Avenue, just south of Farmington Road.

Deputies had responded there on a report of a man with a gun and within a few minutes of their arrival, they fired at the armed suspect.

No further details about what transpired in those minutes have been released but neighbors said the man had been threatening people.

"(He was) walking down the road with a rifle with a big clip and supposedly pointing the rifle at children," said Ricky Glen, who lives in the area. "Very disturbed, obviously, shouting out different kinds of things."

"They were telling him to get on the ground, so I guess he acted like he was getting on the ground," Glen added. "(He) picked the rifle back up, pointed at the cops, pulled the trigger and the gun jammed. So the cops got lucky."

The sheriff's office said this was the second time they had been called to the man's house within a few days but would not comment on what the previous incident was about. The incident was captured on home video and showed deputies with weapons drawn confronting Anderson, who surrendered to them without incident. No details about that incident have been released.

Next-door neighbor Sherry Statler said deputies had also been called out there a few months ago and that Anderson had been struggling with mental issues lately, which is what led his family to call the sheriff's office in the past.

"I heard depression," she said. "I heard that he was on some medication and they were concerned that he had taken too much. It's kind of sad because he was a great guy and he tried really hard to, you know, do right by his family and everything. I'm sorry to hear it went bad for him."

"He was a great neighbor," she added. "He was always caring for - when we'd go on vacation, he'd take out our garbage. He was always looking after our home."

Statler said she also talked with Anderson's wife, who only found out what had happened when she got home and came across the police scene.

"(She was) so upset and so surprised," she said. "I mean, you could just see she had no idea it was going to go so badly for him."

Anderson's family was too upset to talk to the media on Sunday. They are still trying to figure out why he went out into the street with a gun in the first place.

The shooting remains under investigation and two deputies involved in the incident are on administrative leave.