Man shot in NE Portland; police search for suspect

Man shot in NE Portland; police search for suspect »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland police are looking for a man who they said shot another man in the leg Saturday night in Northeast Portland.

It happened near Northeast 92nd Avenue and Oregon Street at around 7 p.m.

Police said the victim is a Hispanic man in his 40s. He’s expected to be OK.

Police don’t think the shooting was gang-related or random. They believe the suspect and victim know each other.

Neighbors said the shooting was unsettling, especially after a man was gunned down outside a nearby tavern three month ago.

“You hate anything happening in your neighborhood,” said neighbor Dale Lidbom.

“Very spooky,” said Cathy Finley. “I live right around the corner, and come looking for my kitty, and I hear from you that there was a shooting.”

“I heard a shot. Actually, I thought it was a firecracker,” said Lidbom. “Then I see this gentleman running down the street. Then I realized about ten minutes later, all these policemen started showing up, and it wasn’t a firecracker, it was one - he shot once.”

Officers and K-9 units searched the neighborhood, but didn’t find the shooter, or a gun.

Lidbom said he didn’t get a good look at the man who ran away, and didn’t know to call for help at the time.

“I just seen the back of him. He had dark clothing, and had the silver bands on the jacket, you know the reflector bands, and that was it.”