Man shot while inside SE Portland apartment

PORTLAND, Ore. - A man was shot while inside his apartment Sunday evening, police said. The man is expected to live.

Initial reports are that the shooter(s) were outside the apartment and fired into the apartment at Southeast 73rd and Powell about 7:45pm Sunday, according to police.

KATU News video from the scene shows a window that appears to have bullet holes, while various neighbors told a KATU News reporter on scene they heard 13-16 shots.

One neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said he saw four men dressed in all black walk up to the apartment, fire shots and drive away in a black SUV.  He said the men seemed to be targeting that apartment.

A different neighbor said she received a frantic call from her mom, who heard the gunshots.

“My mom said, ‘Oh you should come home, it's so scary,’” Jenny Nguyen said. “I asked her what happen, she said, ‘Oh people are fighting, a lot of gunshots right now, it's so scary.’”

Police have not made any arrests. A spokesman said they are still investigating and interviewing the victim and at least one other person inside the apartment at the time. The other person was not hurt.