Man turns his health around but ends up in unexplainable coma

Man turns his health around but ends up in unexplainable coma

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Luke Ashe had turned his life around with a healthier lifestyle. Then his family found the 27-year-old in bed in a coma and his doctors can’t figure out why.

His family is shocked because Luke had started exercising, eating right and had dropped extra pounds.

When he weighed more than 270 pounds, Luke's doctors had bad news for him.

"They weren't going to let him leave the doctor's office," said Luke's sister, Sarah. "They wanted to admit him into the hospital. That's how serious his blood pressure was."

So Luke hit the road and took up running. And with the exercise and better diet, he dropped more than a hundred pounds.

"If this had happened a couple of years ago, it would still be upsetting, but it wouldn't be as big of a surprise," said Luke's friend Jeremy Brock.

Doctors thought it might be the flu. They checked for blood clots. But tests were all negative.

"As happy as we are to hear it's not a blood clot, and it's not this, and it's not that – but if it's not those things, then what is it?" said Sarah Ashe.

Family and friends are staying by his side and letting him know how much they care. The one thing his family is sure about is that he won't give up and eventually he'll come out of the coma.  

"He wouldn't have been found alive if there wasn't some purpose for him. Some big purpose in the future," said Brock. "He didn't go through that journey of weight loss for nothing."

Luke has shown some improvement through some movement and some facial expressions. But doctors say he suffered several strokes that damaged his brain.

"What his limitations will be, they can't tell us that," said Brock.

"Regardless, we're all going to love him the same. It could be very different so it's something that we're all having to prepare for," said Sarah.

Luke does have insurance, but it's not likely to cover all the costs. A fund has been set up to help him. You can donate at any branch of the IQ Credit Union.