Man uses social media hoping to track down stolen car

Man uses social media hoping to track down stolen car »Play Video
Michael Rooney had this dark colored 2001 four-door Honda Accord stolen Christmas morning.

PORTLAND, Ore. – After a Southeast Portland man had his car stolen Christmas morning, he turned to social media to try to find the thief.

The last time Michael Rooney saw his 2001 four-door Honda Accord was Christmas Eve. But when he walked out of the house Christmas morning to get a cup of coffee, it was gone.

He keeps the car locked and it even has an alarm.

"A lot of people are desperate, and they choose Christmas and Christmas Eve in particular because people may be out of town or they're just not paying attention," he said.

Not too many car thefts happen in Rooney’s neighborhood, and he said the police told him there's a pretty good chance he could get his car back. Still, after Rooney called police he put a few more detectives on the case by posting on that his car had been stolen.

He learned that his car is popular for thieves. He also learned that several hundred, may be thousands of "Predditors" – that's what visitors to Reddit call themselves – are looking out for his car and thief.

"Usually it's just somebody who's opportunistic, sees a car that's unlocked, maybe, and takes it and drives it until it runs out of gas – leaves it on the side of the road," Rooney said.

Rooney, on a break from college, and his girlfriend, had planned a holiday trip. But they left town Wednesday in a loaner.

"(I) spoke with an officer yesterday. He seemed pretty optimistic we'd get it back. But I'm not holding out too much hope until I have it in my hands," Rooney said.