Manufacturer: No problems with double-labeled infant formula

Manufacturer: No problems with double-labeled infant formula
SEATTLE - A popular brand of soy infant formula that was pulled from the shelves of Fred Meyer and QFC stores due to apparent mislabeling has no health issues and is actually the correct product, says the formula manufacturer.

Hundreds of cans of Earth's Best soy organic formula were pulled from the shelves Wednesday when a customer in Kirkland found that the label on a container peeled off to reveal the label of a cheaper brand underneath, said Melinda Merrill, spokesperson for Fred Meyer and QFC stores.

Merrill said more containers of the product were checked, and the same double-labeling was discovered on many of them.

But the formula manufacturer said Thursday that the labels concealed underneath the Earth's Best label are actually remnants of a label that was previously affixed to the cans in error.

"A small number of Earth’s Best canisters appear to have a label remnant under the proper Earth’s Best label, and the canisters do contain the proper infant formula," the company said in a prepared statement.

"This was caused by an error that was identified through our quality control procedures in which the wrong label was originally applied. The product
integrity was never compromised and is completely intact."

The manufacturer said there are no health issues with the product, and that the company is taking steps to ensure that the mislabeling won't happen again.

Nonetheless, Merrill said Fred Meyer and QFC will not return the double-labeled product to store shelves. Instead, the stores will wait for a new shipment of the formula.

Anyone who has any of the questionable product is encouraged to return it to the store for a refund or for another product, she said.