Mattress World is back under new name, former owner apologizes

Mattress World is back under new name, former owner apologizes »Play Video
An emotional Sherri Hiner, former owner of Mattress World, apologizes Friday to all of her customers, employees and those she did business with. She is now the marketing director for a new company called Mattress World Northwest.

CLACKAMAS, Ore. - A new company called Mattress World Northwest is running television ads featuring Sherri Hiner as its marketing director.

Hiner was the owner of Mattress World, but the company closed its doors after she came under scrutiny when customers complained to KATU News in December 2011 about not getting mattresses they bought or getting the wrong products.

As far as the customers who contacted KATU News to complain, Hiner has resolved the issues for them. She either gave them refunds or made sure they got what they ordered.

Hiner is not as prominent in the commercials as she used to be. The owner of the new company is her longtime friend, Sean Hathaway.

He took over the leases at most of her old store locations and even hired dozens of her former employees. He inherited the bad publicity from the old Mattress World going out of business but not the old company's debts or obligations. Hathaway promises people will have a different and better customer service experience at these new stores.

Hiner was working alongside Hathaway at the former Mattress World headquarters in Clackamas where she apologized to her former customers.

"I guess what I would like to say more than anything is that I'm really sorry," she said. "I'm extremely sorry for all of it but, most importantly, it was nobody's fault but mine. It was never anybody that worked here; it was never anyone that did dealings with us. It was my fault, and I'm extremely sorry. But I'm hoping that they all got taken care of. As far as I know they have."

If there are people who have outstanding issues, Hiner said they can contact her at She said she will follow-up with customers if they contact her.

Hiner said she's still trying to adjust a day at a time to her new situation.

She does still owe lots of people, lots of companies and entities about $2 million in unpaid fees, advertising and taxes.

Hathaway said he's still getting calls all the time and he's happy to try and help though he's not legally obligated to do so.